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meath man

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Hi guys, can someone recommend me free software that would let me do the following:

I have a few xvid files on my laptops hard drive. I would like to put these files on dvd through the dvd burner on the laptop - just want to watch the files on my crt tv.......
Can youse recommend software that will convert (if necessary?) the xvid files and burn them onto a dvd?

Any advice appreciated....


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Honestly there isn't much point converting XviD to DVD. Because the quality remains the same (if not degrades) and the file sizes inflate - one 350 avi file would equate to around 1.7gb when converted to DVD (this is all off memory when I did it). It would be easier to buy a cheap XviD player.


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Windows DVD Maker that's included with Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate can do this. Not sure if Windows DVD Maker is available for XP maybe as a free download if you don't have or don't want Vista!

I did this recently so my dad could watch Lost now it's on Sky as he only has freeview and an oldish DVD player that can't handle DivX. Took a while to convert but it works.

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