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How do you convert your blu-ray movies to files?

I'm looking into how to rip my blu-ray collection to something like MKV or MP4 while keeping the HD audio and as few video quality loss as possible.
Filesizes would ideally be around 12GB each.

I have a prette powerfull machine to do it on and I'd be looking for a software that can take full use of it, I'm using an Intel 980 Extreme and 2 GTX480 cards with CUDA.

Any advice is welcome :)



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Yes use MakeMKV is you want original video/audio stream as standalone video.

If you want to compress the video stream you can use x264 encoders like Ripbot264 which will preserve the HD audio stream while converting the video (just feed it the file from MakeMKV or the original disc structure). GPU video encoders for consumers are pretty useless dont waste your time with them the quality is inferior to x264.

You can set a fixed file size in Ripbot264 if you want every movie to be around 12GB just change the encoding from from CQ to 2-pass and set the file size target.


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Thanks, I'll give it try :smashin:

Regarding GPU encoders, softwares like DVDFAB do use the GPU acceleration by handing over the decoding to the GPU instead of the CPU, but then I can't seem to find the right settings to obtain a quality MKV in that soft ;)


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GPU's aren't suited to encoding video, they get that speed boost by butchering the quality, if you did the same to x264 it would be as fast. If GPU's were good for video encoding the x264 team would have integrated it by now but as they have said many times GPU's are not good at H.264 video encoding.

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