Convergence Adjustment for Sony FX66


Paul Atreides

Hi, can someone tell me how to access the convergence settings on my 28FX66, I've been through all the service menu's and can't find it anywhere.
There are no service menu convergence adjustments on this set.
Its all done by adjustment of tube neck magnets and the H.Static convergence control on the tube end circuit card.
These are NOT diy adjustments.

What sort of problem has your set got?
I'd like to tighten up the poor convergence it has, though it's not terrible I expect more from a relatively high-end TV. I know from adjusting my monitor that it can never be 100% uniform, but I'd still like to get it the best it can be. Are you sure there's no factory/production mode that will allow this?

Thanks for your help so far, are you a Sony technician?
I'm quite sure, although strangely enough the service manual mentions a non-existent service mode, but that's Sony service manuals for you.
If the errors are just corner ones there is little that can be done, what's the nature of the problem?
One setting that is particularly important to get right on these sets is Contrast. This should ideally be set using Avia or similar.
If Contrast is set too high a number of things happen, all of which affect the PQ for the worse.
1/ Highlights will defocus.
2/ Edge flaring appears which can look remarkably like convergence error.
3/ The additional load on the power supply caused by driving the tube too hard can cause a range of seemingly unrelated problems, including affecting convergence.
Its difficult to over emphasize how much the Contrast setting plays in oveall PQ.
For the record I have 25+ years experience, mainly of Sony Broadcast kit, but domestic as well.
Thanks for that, I thought I'd tell you the convergence is mostly good in the 4:3 zone but terrible outside of that, especially the vertical alignment. What I'm generally trying to achieve is the sharp clarity of the professional monitors you're familliar with, do they have better guns or is it the dot pitch that makes them so good?

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