Controlling AVR300 and T61


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Hello fellow Arcamites

I have added a T61 to my system and it seems to use the same control codes as my AVR300 so I can not turn them on/off independently.

I can not change the AVR300 to RC-5 19 as my A32 is using that (as it clashed with the AVR300 too).

One way I can see is to use the remote power trigger from either the A32 but maybe the AVR300 so it comes on with it anyway but that is not a good solution as it may turn on with the trigger and off with the ir code. :rolleyes:

Has any one any ideas how to get around this?




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Sell the A32, P35, AVR300 and pick up an AV9 and P7 :D

Or back in the real world, you could consider a programmable remote which has an IR extender with addressable IR outputs.... Pronto TSU-9200 for example? Not sure if Logitech does addressable IR but is cheaper.


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Funny you should mention an AV9. That was the main force behind getting an external tuner. ;)

I do have a harmony 555 but that also had the problem.


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I had the same problem - the power toggle for my T61 also operated my Cyrus preamplifier, and vice versa. I couldn't turn one off or on without the other doing the same!

The Harmony database lists discrete power on/off commands for the T61, but they don't work. And don't even bother contacting Harmony support about it. After a lengthy exchange of emails, they just told me they work. But they don't. The list of commands for the T61 include all sorts of surround sound settings, which Support didn't seem to think was odd, but I did. I believe someone has probably just added their Arcam receiver commands.

After much trial and error, I found a solution, which might work for you because you have a Harmony remote. What you do is add another tuner to your list of Harmony devices. When the program asks you for the brand name, choose Philips. It will then ask you for a model number. I can't remember exactly what it was, but if you type in RC5 it will nominate a model that it thinks is closest. Choose that one. When it's added, you'll find in the list of commands for that tuner one called 'Power Toggle 2'. I found that command operated my T61 without affecting my preamp. It might work for you too.

There's probably a way within the Harmony software to replace the existing power toggle command for your T61 with the Philips one. You can then delete the Philips tuner from your devices. I actually had a second Harmony remote so loaded the Philips command onto it, then learnt the command into the Harmony I use in my main system. Or if you emailed Harmony support they'd be able to substitute one command for the other in your configuration.

Good luck!


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This seems to be normal. The DT91's on/off code is the same as the AV9's, and it's a right nuisance.

For obvious reasons, the problem cannot by bypassed. The only hop is that Arcam releases a firmware fix to change the tuner's on/off code to match that sent by their CR90 remote. Of course, then it won't work with the tuner's own remote, but that's no loss as it simultaneously turns the AV9 on/off.

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