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Controlling amplifier with Samsung's "universal remote"


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Hi all, I'd really appreciate some help.

I've just bought a Samsung UE40H6400 TV, which comes with samsung's IR blaster and what Samsung call a universal remote. I can get it to control Sky no problem, but have spent ages trying to get it to control my amplifier with (almost!) no luck.

My amp is a Roksan Kandy K2 Integrated and it's driving two speakers. It's just connected to the TV using the headphone socket which I may look at changing but I'm pretty sure that doesn't affect how the amp would be controlled.

The reason I think this can be done is:

1. It's called a universal remote!

2. I've gone into the universal remote setup and done the following:

a) Select device type --> Home theatre system
b) Select brand --> "Roksan" (it comes up!)
c) Select home cinema configuration
"Is your home cinema connected to the TV's video source or connected via opticla only"
--> "Optical, HDMI 1/2/3/4, Ext, AV, Component"
What I select here doesn't seem to make a difference...and my amp is just plugged into the headphone socket for two channel sound.
d)Home theater system control test ---> Test power
"Does your home cinema system, turn on or off?"
e) Select additional devices --> Home theatre system plugged directly into TV

"Setup complete"

The IR blaster can evidently turn my amp on and off, but now what?? The universal remote volume buttons still control the TV volume! So how is it supposed to control my amp?

I can also select the Sky box via the universal remote setup and click "Sync with TV power" so it turns on when the TV turns on. This option is not available for the amp even though I know that it can definitely do this!

Please...someone that's managed to control their amp via the samsung remote..help me...going crazy here!

Happy to take some photos and upload them if that would make things clearer.


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It would only control the volume if you set the TV speakers to EXTERNAL. Because you are not in fact using the optical output then setting the speakers to EXTERNAL would in fact prevent any audio from being output via the TV or its headphone jack. The so called "UniversalRemote" capabilities only apply if actually using the HDMI ARC or the optical audio output or when dealing with external sources connected to the receiver. The headphone output isn't intended to be used to connect external sources. While the speaker setting is set to the TV's speakers then the volume control will only control the volume of the TV speakers although this should also be effecting the level of the output via the headphone jack.

I think the idea behind the universal remote functionality is to allow an external TV STB to be integrated into the SMART HUB rather than for control of external AV receivers or audio amplifiers?

I've a Samsung TV, but wont be using the IR extender to control other devices. I'm simply using my Harmony remote which controls all my devices without any need for the Samsung IR extender.
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Hi Dante, thank you for your quick response.

I think the first question I should ask is - what would be the ideal way to connect my two channel amp to the TV? It doesn't have red and white RCA out which I've used in the past. I could get an optical to RCA converter, but not sure if there are any benefits?

When I plug into the headphone socket, as you say, I cannot set the speakers to external because this feature is being overridden. The "external speakers" in sound properties is greyed out until I unplug from the headphone socket.

"While the speaker setting is set to the TV's speakers then the volume control will only control the volume of the TV speakers although this should also be effecting the level of the output via theheadphone jack."

I think I understand you. You're saying that because I cannot tell the TV to send the sound to external speakers (because the headphone socket is in use), the volume control will always control the TV speakers.

After I typed that I did some more (optimistic!) testing. I unplugged the headphone cable and set the sound to external speakers. This is the dialog that popped up when using the volume control:


Then I went back to the universal setup, clicked on the Sky HDMI 1 source and selected "link to external speakers"

You can see what that looks like in the setup (after clicking the "link" button)


Still nothing unfortunately. Can't control the amp with the samsung remote. I'm so sure you can though because I managed to select the brand and turn the amp on during the setup test. I do believe that functionality and control of external amplifiers is intended by samsung with this remote..I just can't figure out how.



You mentioned the harmony remote...it's on my shopping list! But I'm just trying to figure out if I can save the £££ and get the samsung remote to do it all instead.


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Hi Dante, what are the benefits of using an external DAC like the one linked, compared to the audio out /headphone socket from the TV to my amp?

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