Controlling a Sanyo PJ with a raspberry pi


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Hello All,
This is to do with my project

intermitent video - what to do in the black parts.

I have a Raspberry Pi (RPI) providing my video and an input to the RPI switches from one video to another. I'm thinking it should also be possible to control the PJ (Sanyo PLC-FX45) via the RPI.
I'm particular interested in shutting the PJ down correctly from the RPI but maybe other functions like "no Show" may also be interesting. The PJ is going to be in an outdoor location and set to turn on and run unattended (on a timer) . I can turn the PJ on no problems with a simple time clock socket thingy but of course I don't want to power it down until the bulbs have cooled etc.
So I'm thinking of using the RPI somehow. I'm quite happy with software and hardware so programing isn't a problem but I can't seem to find if it is possible to control the PJ via the USB or the serial port etc.. and if it is what is the command set etc...
Would anyone have any pointers on how I can achieve this ?
One way would be to make an IR blaster for the RPI and tape an IR transmitter to the Infrared input of the PJ. I could then get the RPI to chuck out the right IR codes to mimic the remote control. Two probs with this are I haven't got a remote control to learn codes off and I can't find a list on the net of what they may be.
I think I would prefer to use the serial port if possible but open to any suggestions..

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