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I am starting a full house renovation early in the new year including rewiring. The house is on one floor so access to cabling in the loft is relatively easy. I am wanting a home automation system to control lighting, heating, music in multiple rooms, CCTV, door locks, recessed cinema screen, electric gates, garage door, curtains / blinds, possibly sauna / spa control. I am after 'scenes' eg morning time lights slowly coming on, curtains opening etc.

I have had a look online and quite like the look of the Loxone website. I've also had a look at a few reviews on the Control4 system. What are the main differences other than cost in these systems? Is one better than the other? Should I be considering any other systems? I've had a bit of a look at Fibaro but think I'd prefer to go for a wired system.

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Ideally want something that is easy to operate for my children/ wife. I would also like to be able to make changes to scenes / programs as and when required but with the initial set-up done by an installation expert.

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Concerning LED strip lighting if you plan using any please check out new RGBW LED strips (new generation with 4 in1 LED chips) which are compatible both with Loxone & Fibaro control systems.
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Hi. I'm planning on a trip to the Reading showroom. I'd love to see a Control4 set-up around Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire to help compare the two.


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I'm in a similar situation, although its for our self build.
I've been down to the Loxone Reading office, its a great system and is the one I'm going for.
Price wise it comes in at around £13k for the loxone kit, this is plus electrical installation etc...

All going well install will be happening January for 1st fix, completion end of March.


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Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye on your new build blog. It's looking great. Am I right in thinking there are no annual subscriptions for Loxone but there is for Control4? Is it relatively easy to modify programs in Loxone without calling someone out?


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Control4 subscription is only for 4Sight (remote access). There is nothing for the system itself.


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In my experience customers don't want to program C4 systems they rely on the dealer to do what's needed. The 4sight subscription covers the cost of a secure server and allows the dealer to offer remote support. Obviously this can be done by port forwarding but C4 look very dimly upon this. Most dealers will just point blank reside to forward into a home controller. For me Control4 is the most complete system, albeit a dearer one.

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