Control socket from manual light switch


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Sorry if this is a repeat question, couldn't find anything quite relevant.

I have a room with a manual light switch that controls some wall lights. Also in the room are some lamps plugged into a power socket. What I would like is for when I turn the light switch on/off, both the wall lights and the socket turn on/off. I've got a Shelly 1 left over from a previous project, but I'm confused about whether I can put that inside my manual light switch and somehow have that update a smart socket as the manual switch gets clicked? Or would I be better to replace the manual switch with a smart switch?

And in both cases, do I have to run some sort of server to mediate between two devices? At the moment I have a number of SmartHome devices that work with a mobile app but no central server. I'm not necessarily averse to that but have been trying to avoid doing it before I need to...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Seb Briggs

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If the smart switch is also Shelly (or can be controlled by a simple URL) then yes you can add a Shelly 1 behind the switch and when turned on it can control the smart switch

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