Control Panel faceplate for Photosmart 3110

Discussion in 'Computer Peripherals & Consumables' started by splinters69, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I am desperate guys. Today I bought a Photosmart 3110 from Staples that was ex-display. It retailed at around £250 I believe and I spotted it a while ago reduced to £100. Imagine my suprise when I went in today to see it reduced to £10. Cosmetically it is perfect, just missing a piec of plastic that covers the control panel. Hell, the guy even found the pack of six cartidges (still sealed) that came with it. I found the manaul and drivers online and a kettle lead and USB lead then set it up. While going through the set up menu's on the built in screen it kept saying "Attach Control Panel Faceplate then turn off and on again". I can't believe that they have designed this machine so a piec of plastic stops you from using the all in one machine.
    There is a small black plastic block about an inch long on the right of the panel with six square holes in it so I guess the faceplate slots in there but I can see no contacts at all.

    So, you guys any idea of how to get around this? can you short it somehow? Does anyone have a faceplate from a broken machine they can sell me or know where to get a spare?

    I emailed HP and they offered me a part (maybe free) but when I checked it out it was a panel cover for a C3110 which is a very different looking machine.

    Any help or advice, a very nice piece of kit here stands poised for the skip if I cannot find this bit of plastic!


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