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I'm installing a JVX X5900 into a projector lift, and have a grand view screen. Im confused about the best configuration with the 12V triggers. I believe the lift has a 12v in and 12v out so the logical thing to do is to put the projectors 12V trigger into the lift and then the lift 12v out to the screen, so when you turn the projector on the lift and screen both come down. However, will I be able to turn the projector on with the IR remote when its hidden in the ceiling!? Can you turn on the projector through HDMI from the AVR?

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Usually you would take the trigger from your AVR, rather than the Projector, for exactly this reason.

However with HDMI Control that both AVR's and Projectors have you should be able to set them to respond to an HDMI Source going live, but check in the spec's.


Can anybody tell me whether a Denon 3700H would turn on a JVC X5900 with the HDMI source being activated?

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I've not tried but never rely on HDMI input activation on projectors. A nice long 12v trigger from AVR/processor to projector and then running onto the lift and the screen with an IR extender would be what I'd look to do from a reliability point of view.

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