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Hi all,

I am new to this type of thing, but these forums have been very useful down the years.

I'll get to the point then!

I have a cupboard in my study (which i like to call node zero) that holds all my av equipment for the house. I tried to plan the wiring of everything as best i could.

However, a lazy spark neglected to read that i wanted 2 coax to each tv.

This isn't a problem in all of my rooms but one (as i live in a bungalow). However the one room I cant get extra cabling to is my sun room (vaulted ceiling).

I have magic eyes controlling my sky through the house. however i want to control another box in study that cannot be controlled with magic eye as it has no input.

I have tried the marmitek long range wireless senders but they are proving temperamental. I have even tried the extenders.

Is there a way i can use the 1 coaxial I have to control both devices (sky and other box) without compromising the sky magic eyes in my other rooms.

I have found these but not sure if it will work for me

Marmitek VideoControl 3 infrared extender set: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Sorry for long winded thread....


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Basically need to control a pvr over existing coaxial cable that is also being used with magic eye.

Have tried wireless but not happy with results. If i use a reciever to 3 way transmitter down coax will i still be able to use sky + magic eyes in other rooms.

I use a starbox to distribute signals throughout the house.
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