contrast ratios?


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Howdee ive got a grandish to spend max on a plasma ones ive seen is a hyundai here are the specs
Visible Diagona:42"
Display Area (mm):932.9(H) x 532.8 (V) [36.72"(H) x 20.97"(V)]
Pixel pitch (mm):1.095 x 1.11
Aspect Ratio:16 : 9
Display colors:16.7M
Brightness (cd/‡u):1000
Contrast Ratio:3200 : 1
Viewing Angle:(H‹/V‹) over 160
Resolution:852 X 480
Display Capability(DTV Ready):480p,576p,720p,1080i
Progressive Scan:Yes
Color Tone Control:Yes

ive seen a relysis here are the specs on this
Diagonal 42"
Resolution 852 x 480
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 1500 cd/m²
Pixel Pitch 1.08 mm
Contrast Ratio 10000:1
Colours 1 billion
Viewing angle 160°
Computer Resolution VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA
Computer Inputs RGB Analogue & DVI
Video Inputs Composite, S-Video, Component, SCART
Video Modes PAL, SECAM
Power Consumption 240W
Speakers Option
Dimensions 1028 x 625 x 107.4 mm
Weight 29kg

the relisys is £100 more but is it worth the extra £100? :lease:


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contrast ratio means nothing at all they are measured in many different ways and most are less then 100:1 anyway in the real world. Both are cheap models and i wouldnt buy one I would buy a panasonic or pioneer. panasonic can be had quite cheap but not as cheap but they can produce very good blacks.


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Hi Mickey,

Now, I could be wrong, and I'm sure I will be corrected if I am, but I think you will be hard pressed to find anybody on these forums suggesting that you should buy either a Relysis or Hyundai plasma. I haven't seen either myself so you could accuse me of plasma snobbery I suppose, but from the experience of good chaps on these forums with other cheap plasmas from Tiny, I would be very suprised if either produced a respectable image.
The plasmas of choice on these forums seems to be Panasonics and Pioneers. Some like Hitachi also but not me really. You can get a 42" Panasonic PWD7 from Richer Sounds for £1000, but the cost will go up when you buy the 'sockets' for all of your stuff to plug in to. I believe that the Panasonic PE50's are nice plasma telly's but these may cost you a few hundred quid more.
I think you will have to save up a bit more money mate unfortunately :-( I really dont want to sound patronising at all so please forgive me if sounds that way, it isn't my intention. If £1000 is a lot of money to you then think very carefully about whether you would be better off saving a few more hundred- imagine how gutted you'd feel to be all excited unwrapping that lovely big box only to be get a really bad picture. However, if £1000 isn't a lot of money for you then there are MUCH better options, I am sure. Just hang around these forums, ask questions and absorb information. Just dont get all excited and rush to Curry's on a whim and buy something that you may later regret.
Now, if £1000 is your absolute max then you might just be better with a really good normal CRT telly, or if you really need a thin tv then maybe even LCD might be an option- Sharp are generally recomended but others on the LCD forum will have advice for you.

I hope that helps and again I'm really sorry if I sounded patronising- I'd just hate to see another forum member spend a lot of money on something that they will ultimately be unhappy with.

Best of luck,



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thanks for the advice damo think ill hang fire for a bit just the reviews off people who have bought the hyundai on ebuyer seem promising id sooner have a 42" screen than my current 32" grundig fine arts crt set at the moment.I had a sony 42" dlp set for four weeks and got use to the bigger picture but it went faulty and had to go back.I wont rush into it i need to connect xbox ntl dvd player dvd recorder into a set so would need a tv really rather than just a panel think ill look in richers today have a look about. :smashin:


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No problem Mickey, just hang on in there, soak up advice in these forums and don't get impatient.


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PLease dont put Hyundai ImageQuest in the same bracket as the Tiny cr*p that they sold.

Hyundai ImageQuest have a £10million production plant in Spain, and a massive R&D center in Korea. They are the second largest manufacturer of Plasma in Korea after LG.

Tiny and these sort of "names" go to the far east, find the cheapest components and then OEM the product. All they do is get to a price point by using the cheapest nastiest panels available - hence the massive failure rates on Tiny.

The warrenty company that looks after Hyundai in the UK (repairtech) have told me that they see many more of the higher "brand names" back that are DOA, or failed on site. These include Pana, Sharp etc.

I will say that there is another Hyundai, Hyundai Corporation which has nothing to do with ImageQuest which do the same as Tiny. These are totally different companies and totally different products.

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