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He all

I live in The Netherlands and have a big question.

My parents want to buy a plasmascreen for our house and all the screens have a contrast ratio like panny 1:3000 or 1:4000
pioneer 434 has 1:1200. So what's better?

Maybe you can help me choose a screen :)
In theory the higher number is better - but beware that the contrast ratios shown in brochures are measured under laboratory conditions and in the real world people have not got the same values.

The Panasonic is recognised as being able to produce dark black backgrounds - but rather than rely on brochures you need to see these screens for yourself (preferably in a darkened place). Then you can look at things like color rendition and picture noise, as well as contrast.

You've picked two respected plasmas and a lot has been written about them on this forum. When people see the screens for themselves, they can have different preferences.

Another important thing is what connections the screens have. The Pioneer has an HDMI connector which is good for the future, and the Panasonic has three slots where you can plug in extra connector cards they sell.
80% of my viewing was not going to be in cinema grade darkness. And some of it is in daylight. In these circumstances the ambient light destroys any 3000:1 contrast claims, and brightness is more valuable than contrast. So I chose Pioneer. I also didn't want a media box/tuner.
There may be many other things more important than contrast ratio to consider
thnx for all the reactions :)

But there is so many choiche in the screens.

We've got a house with a lot of light in de room by son or daylight
the distance from screen to couch is 5,5mtr

What's the best effort then?
panny? or pioneer?
Think you need to find a dealer who can demo them side by side & see what YOU prefer.

I bought Pioneer as it was best for me, plenty of other people agree & plenty have bought Panasonic as they prefered it's pic quality.

Both are very good, so you should be pleased with either!


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