Contract ending: Previous tenant's name.

Discussion in 'BT Broadband' started by RyuuzakiMasato7, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Hi folks, I'm new, hi. :)

    Hoping for some advice on my slightly odd situation. I'm nearing the end of a deal with BT, 18 month minimum contract term, Infinity option 2 with evening and weekend calls. Service started 27/09/12, so as of tomorrow we should be in the last month. I want to take out Sky Fibre, and then when we move in two months move it with us.

    Our problem is the named account holder. Me and four others rent this place, and the two names on the account are one of the tenants who lived here with the rest of us before being replaced by one of my friends; and a name we don't know. We've always assumed it's a previous tenant, however said friend being named on the account as well is new to us, he always said it was this mysterious woman and only her. I should clarify, the contact details are MY name, mobile number, email address, and the debit card I pay with every three months is MY card. The only time I see the other names, ever, is when I open the full PDF of my bill. That's it.

    Aaaanyway. I called Sky tonight, said, what'll you give me. He asked if I'm named on the BT account and all of the above came back to me, and he says this is a big problem. He recommended contacting them to ask about my own legal right/responsibility on the account. They're not open now, so I'm asking for some advice here.

    TL;DR: Existing account with BT, not my name but I've paid/been the contact for last 18 months. Want move to Sky Fibre, this causing problem. Going to be calling BT tomorrow but what do you guys think? Could I just leave this month on BT, and next month, then when we move out at end of april, hi guys here's your £30 line cessation charge, see ye later, and get a new line once we're in the new place? Or will there be a way of getting Sky in place here, then doing a (hopefully) hassle free home move with Sky?

    Thanks in advance folks!

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