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help needed!

I contacted sky well over a week ago via email to the 2 email addresses given on here, these being:

[email protected]
[email protected]

I've not had anything back at all, not even a confirmation that my email has been read!!

I had a serious complaint regarding sky hence the email but to not get anything back is a bit worrying.

Does anyone have any contact details of the lady who is supposed to be quick at getting things sorted?:thumbsup:


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I did the same , just had a reply from their customer relations. To cut it short I complained about existing customers not being offered deals to remain with them, I explained that I had been offered competative deals with ntl to remain on their broadband and get hd in the future. I ws after some sort of offer similar to currys promotion in which I explained in the email. Their reply is as follows

Thank you for your email.

I note your comments regarding promotional offers for installation of Sky HD equipment and I welcome this opportunity to clarify our position.

Our principal commitment is undoubtedly to our loyal existing subscribers and to provide them with the best possible quality and range of entertainment whilst ensuring value for money in their monthly subscription charge. However as a commercial organisation, we must also invest in ongoing promotional activities to sell our services. By attracting new subscribers we will be able to invest more in programming to the benefit of all Sky HD subscribers.

The current offer available from various retail outlets entitles new customers to purchase Sky HD at £149, if they purchase a TV worth more than £169. Installation is free for new and existing customers who sign up to a Multi-room subscription; or £60 installation for single subscription.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and I hope this response has answered your questions and concerns.

Kind regards

Customer Liaison

They have just given me info I had already mentioned to them in my email. I think the next step is to cancel my full subscription :mad: :mad:

The annoying thing is I missed the promotion from currys over the weekend as I was expecting a better response from sky.


This is an annoying response as I too have had cause to complain recently. After buying a Sony LCD from a Sony dealer, I have been waiting over 2 weeks for a callback from the installation company.

Their reply implied that they wash their hands of this half price HD retailer offer as it had got nothing to do with Sky themselves! Yet in your letter from Sky CS, they tend to be pointing you in that direction as if it were a genuine Sky offer.
BSkyB and the retailers MUST have some kind of aggreement with eachother over this offer I would have thought.

Dear Mr X

Thank you for your e-mail addressed to James Murdoch which has been passed for my attention.

I was sorry to learn that you are experiencing difficulties with your HD installation.

On checking our records may I advise that Campbell and Kennedy are independent retailers who receive their own supply of systems separately from Sky. You would be required to go to them directly for any enquiries regarding the promotion as this if not a Sky offer.

We want all of our customers to get the best service possible and I am sorry that my reply could not be more favourable.

Kind Regards

Beverlie Bethune
Customer Liaison Consultant


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Not the sort of replies you were looking for guys!:thumbsdow

At least you got a reply, I have had nothing!

Hopefully no news is good news and they are investigating my complaint.

I just thought they would have had the decency to reply to say they had read my email and were looking into things.

Probably too much to ask from sky though.:rolleyes:


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They must be sending a standard response, I emailed them today and got the exact same text. Usual blah, blah.

Anyone it seems to work for some people,she the post on half price box from sky

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