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Contact Names Disappearing from SMS on iPhone 4


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Hi all - long time no see :D

I'm hoping there's a genius out there who can help me sort this out as its been driving me mad...and apologies for the long rant.....

Last week one of my contact names disappeared on a text string we'd been chatting on. Then this weekend two more went and I woke up on Saturday morning to find all my text messages just showed the numbers, no names. They all exist in contacts, and on the call log some show names and some don't.

I've tried everything... There is no difference to whether they are +44 or not, but I've tried toggling International Assist anyway which makes no difference. My contacts are made up of both iCloud and MobileMe (thanks Apple for not letting me merge the two yet) but this hasn't caused a problem for the last few months since I set iCloud account up - and I've synched and upgraded software several times since then. I've tried switching MobileMe contacts off and rebooting phone running on just iCloud contacts, and the same the other way round running on just MobileMe contacts, and switching both off, rebooting phone and turning iCloud back on. No luck.

I've tried refreshing contacts in iCloud on line.

The only thing that works is to add a brand new contact in iCloud online, then refreshing contacts. When I sent a text then it worked and the name showed. However deleting an existing contact and re-adding didn't work.

I've now run out of ideas except to reset factory settings when I get home on Saturday.

Went to Apple shop today and they can't suggest anything and say they've never heard of it before, despite the fact when you google it loads of people seem to be suffering. Most however seem to be in the US and seem to be verizon issue - the fix of which obviously won't work on my phone! Although I have reset network settings which didn't work. I'm O2 by the way.

Help, please someone!


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