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I'm in asda trying to return a faulty dual iPod dock however they are telling me I also need the instructions even though I have the receipt?

Can anyone help before I lose the plot



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You looking for a refund or a replacement?


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You don't need to have the instructions for faulty goods. If they are insistent then demand that they show you the consumer rights legislation / statute that states that the packaging and instructions are required to return faulty goods. Then ask to speak to the manager and tell them you will be going to your local trading standards.
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I guess you'll have it sorted by now, but if not I think they're just getting mixed up. If you want to return non-faulty goods you must return the item as it was sold to you, but if it's faulty there's no need.

The only snag is if you're demanding a refund or credit rather than accepting a repair. In theory they can return the item for inspection/repair.

Either way, you don't need instructions!

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