Consumer interest in 3D TV on the up.


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Analogue switch-off and lower prices fuel interest

As a by-product of the analogue switch off and a desire, amongst consumers, for higher quality audio/video 3D TVs have grown into one of the fastest growing television formats and is increasingly generating consumer interest, according to GDI.

The major TV manufacturers all entered the 3D race back in 2010 but the transition to 3D technology in the television sector is gaining popularity faster as compared to previous transitions from LCD to LED, although we hope GDI haven't been fooled in to thinking LED TV is a real technological leap over LCD.


With the relevant bodies now getting in to gear to produce standards for 3D production and delivery, GDI expect standardisation to help drive adoption of the format. Backed by major industry players including content owners, set manufacturers, broadcasters, and satellite and platform operators, 3D TV is projected should gain more share in the global TV market.

3D technology is expected to decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO), along with offering more user friendly glasses. By 2015, passive 3D sets are projected to exceed active 3D shipments. Manufacturers are reducing prices in compliance with the 'feature mix' prescribed by consumer preferences, which is also forecast to fuel demand for 3D TVs among price sensitive buyers.

So maybe it's not going to be a flash in the pan...again.


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Not really shure.. this is the 3rd 3D year and theres still a minor hollywoods support of 3D movies ...
3D turned int a exstra feature on tvs now.


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I don't for one moment believe 'Consumer Interest' is any greater than it ever has been, and that isn't very much at all.

What is happening is that manufacturers are supplying more and more TVs with 3D as standard, so that the gullible consumer has less and less choice in the matter. Consumers are not actively SEEKING 3D TV but, when faced with reduced choice and overwhelming marketing pressure, they just go along with it.

It's a bit like yellow cars - hardly anyone likes them, but if that's all there were in the showrooms, they would sell and the manufacturers would claim there was 'increased interest in yellow cars'.

Almost everyone I know likes looking at 3D demos in showrooms.
Yet NO ONE I know actually WANTS 3D TV.
It's a load of marketing garbage. :lesson:

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