Constantly jumping forwards


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Every 1-2 minute PS3 Media server will jump forward in the movie. The time line will be the same, but the action will be like 1-2 minutes ahead of the timeline. My solution is to take a super fast rewind, on like, 2sec, and it will be around the same place as it jumped from. Problem is, I need to do this ever 1-2 minute, so it becomes extremely frustrated, anyone can help me fixing this problem?


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I have kind of the same problem as this guy.

Tho, I am not converting any format, when streaming my movie just "stutter" every 1-2 minutes, I rewind for like 1sec, and it's back where it should be. Strange tho, as I get like teleported somewhere else in the movie and need to rewind for only one sec and it's back on track again. If I rewind to much, it takes me to the end or somewhere strange lol. Can anyone solve this?


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Need some more info.... Wired/wireless, type of file streamed, spec of pc etc etc, as much as possible.

Wired. I stream movies and they're of different types, I do not only stream comedy but I do also stream action, thrillers, drama-comedy and feel good movies.

PC specc
i7 920


Asus P6T Deluxe v2


Corsair Dominator 6GB (3x2)

Graphics Card

Sapphire Vapor-X 4890 2GB

Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB

Sound Card

7.1 surround

Power Supply

Corsair 750W HX


Antec nine hundred two
]CPU cooling[/B]
Noctua NH-U12P SE1366

GPU cooling



Windows 7


Samsung XL2370


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Hehe, i don't think the genre has a lot to do with it ;)

When you press select during playback, does it say MPEG2 or AVC ?

When I press select when I played that movie it says MPEG2. I also used transcoding, because the movie was an img.

BUT, this does not JUST happen with transcoded movies I think. It have happen with like 5-6 movies and it's frigging annoying. Help?


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So far I've only discovered this problem when it says MPEG2... Why does this happen and how can I fix it? When I start the movie, each 2nd minute it jumps forwards, but by rewinding+play it will then jump back to there I where.


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Try pre-converting the file into a PS3-friendly format first, mkv2vob for mkv's, or, rather than play the file via PS3MS, actually copy it to your internal HDD, then play off there, that will tell you if it's the process of transcoding that's causing the issue.

I'm sure we can say that the problem exist even without transcoding? As I did not go into the transcoding map last time I watched the movie. But I had an external sub.


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I'm sure we can say that the problem exist even without transcoding? As I did not go into the transcoding map last time I watched the movie. But I had an external sub.

If you were using an external Sub then you were transcoding ;)

I think you'll fnd these timeline skips are transcoding related. Always have been when i've had it.


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pre-transcoding? So I need to first make the movie a more friendly format AND make the sub hardcoded?

So only option to not get it skipping, is to pre-transcode everything? :S

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