Constant video drop is making remote play to pc unplayable


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So i've searched the web quite a bit about this, and i still have not found a solution, so here goes:

Whatever game i play, there is (after a seemingly random amount of time) a drop in the video stream. However audio continues to play smoothly. I've tried:
  • Other games on PS, no change
  • Wireless/wired connection, no change
  • change gpu on pc, no change
  • ran other games on pc while remote playing, games play smoothly (so it definitely is remote play)
  • speed tests on ps and pc, no problems there
  • remote play via phone and vita, both work fine (but i was able to rule out my pc from the list of possible culprits)
  • tried to log in other users on ps, no change
  • ran remote play as admin, no change
  • during those drops i can continue running around and my char will have moved accordingly

This is so weird and so random and i just don't know what to do anymore...

Any ideas?

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