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Having wanted a console for some years now, Ive just had an X box for a week and I am completely unimpressed. Not with the xbox itself, but after years of PC gaming, I just cant get into console gaming.
Most of the games for many of the consoles are available for the PC anyway, but its just wierd sitting downstairs playing on the tv.
So, its going back and I'll use the money saved for a new graphics card and half life 2, doom 3 etc.
The only time ive actually enjoyed it is playing fifa or ngr2 with a few mates. I already play online on the pc.
Horses for courses I guess!
tried a DC, its not the type of console or really the games, its just lack of time. The pc gives me all the gaming i need really.
xbox has very similar game to the pc, so you would be better of with a PC&GC or PC&PS2
funny. I can't be bothered messing around with graphics cards, patches etc and wouldn't enjoy playing games in my office. I would rather be slumped on the sofa :)
best place to play games is on the sofa in front of a big widescreen TV with full 5.1 surround sound.
Man after all the fuss :p


GC is the best console to go with a PC, plenty of pick up and play titles and the best multiplayer titles (for those who like their mates in the same room drinking beer after the pub :p).

I don't play it as much as I should though :p I too end up playing on my PC too much :)
Someone please pass me a gun :suicide: :D
I'm playing my dreamcast 24/7 at the moment, I absolutely love sega bass fishing, wild bass fishing and gigawing. Not to mention capcom vs marvel 2 and capcom vs snk as well!

It's the best console of all time for fighting games and scolling shoot'em'ups!

Get an arcade stick for it and you can't go wrong!

Ps. this is a bit of an antagonistic post, if you don't like consoles why aren't you posting this in the pc gaming forum?
I think I am the exact opposite to you Ubik.

Had the PC and just got so fed up with patches, problems, etc that after playing on a PS2 round a mates I decided to get one, just for sheer ease and quickness of playing.

I knew before hand that the quality was not on par with the PC, but just being able to turn it on, and play a game without having to mess about with quality options, frame rate stutter problems is great.

Pretty much all the games I have on the PS2 are available on the PC but just can't be bothered with the hassle.

Hehe yeah totally - one game that would benefit on all other formats would be the Super Monkey Ball series, its an awesome game, everyone should experience it! :)
ITS good to have both a PC and aConsole

consoles totaly suck for online play, as regards first person shooters.
in fact they totaly suck for first person shooters full stop.

But then i need to play soul calibur and tekken 4 which the pc just woudnt do a good job of.(and footy games)
Please do not bait the Halo lovers!!!!!

Prepares for the onslaught
consoles totaly suck for online play, as regards first person shooters.
in fact they totaly suck for first person shooters full stop.

Never heard that before :boring: :boring: :boring: :boring:
Originally posted by gandley
ITS good to have both a PC and aConsole

consoles totaly suck for online play, as regards first person shooters.
in fact they totaly suck for first person shooters full stop.

But then i need to play soul calibur and tekken 4 which the pc just woudnt do a good job of.(and footy games)

You'll look like a numpty when halo 2 comes out mate. :laugh:

Just thought I would say that PC's are starting to get some good console games such as Pro Evo 3, Need for speed underground, Crazy Taxi 3, Sonic Adventure DX and a few others. Also I haven't HAD to patch a game for ages, maybe I am lucky? By the same token, when I last had an Xbox, I was supprised by how good the Ghost recon games played, so I think the stereotype of consoles being crap at FPS is losing its validity.

I have owned all 3 of the current generation of consoles at least twice, but they have never held my attention for long. I have now resigned myself to the fact that I am not a console gamer. :( I like the look of the new resident evil on the cube though, and can see me buying my fifth Gamecube for it.:lesson: :

I think what I am trying to say is that the differences between PC's and consoles are as big or a small as you want them to be. With consoles going more PC like (online gaming etc) and some cool console games coming to the PC.

Sorry for the rambling post...


I have always owned consoles as well as PC's. In the earlier days when i had a 'top of the range' PC i used to play some games on it but have really always preferred consoles for gaming.

Now I only have a laptoop I only have 2 games installed, one of which is a Pool game, the other a slot machine game which i occasionally play to pass the time.

My current console is the X-Box and I have to say that it is the best console that I have ever owned. Soul Calibur II, Top Spin, Moto GP, all classic games but the PC really couldn't do games like Soul Calibur II as easily and as so playable in my experience.

Slouched on the sofa, playing a console on a big screen with the sound through the AV system is brilliant, especially with some mates round, most of which can't be done on a PC to the same degree.
That was just the kid like response i expected.
Halo 2 multiplayer on xbox will be quite a joke i think, as all FPS on console lack accuracy skill

Halo is actualy an excellent example. on xbox a top game albeit a bit repetative with the levels(read as tedious)

On pc you can blast through it on its hardest settings in no time, infact it proved how over rated this game was. the Multi player side of it wasnt that great either.

you just cannot play a FPS with a joypad and be very good well except the fact its written into code to give your aim a fair bit of help to stop everything from realy sucking.

Mouse and Keyboared is the only accurate way to play a FPS and actualy have any skill

On pc its down to you and only you and if your aim is rubish it will show straight away. probaly those who cant get on with the pc mutiplayer aspect are worse affected here.

Im rank around 700 in the world for UT2003 capture the flag
so i know what im talkin about.( check for proof if u like) I have played on xbox live and for sum games its great fun. But any FPS i have played is so lame and skill less its untrue.

some games just suit consoles and sum just suit PC. sides FPS on console run way to slow. try plyin halo on pc for how it should play, and as for unreal championship....what a joke. thats a good way to ruin an amazing pc game. same will happen with doom 3
yes you may find control a little confusing to start with but then it becomes natural.

Give pc multiplayer gaming a fair crack and youll never want to go back to xbox live again....Unless your crap that is and like girlie games
Why make childish posts then son?

I have a broadband connection and a gamespy arcade subscription and plenty of online games for my pc.

Xbox live wins hands down IMO.

Like Steve said, you can't beat having a few mates over and the AV aspect and playing on a big screen.
As for saying you cant play a pc game on the big screen is complete BS

i Run my pc through my projector and run a cable direct to my amp for 5.1 sound when games support it and yes i sit on my nice cozy chair with a cool boared i made so i can have my keyboared and mouse with me

Dont get me wrong i use my xbox tons and my PS2. i love evo3 soul calibur2, tekken 4 and im mad about metroid prime on gamecube. fantastic game. i still dig out diddy kong racing on the N64 as well.

Its just i reconize the PC does do some thing a whole bunch better and FPS is that thing
Im rank around 700 in the world for UT2003 capture the flag
wow we are all very impressed with that and i for one bow to your greatness :suicide:

Unless your crap that is and like girlie games
Yep we are crap please will you show us how to play games?
Thanks :smashin:
The only reason you are posting here is to antagonise console gamers. Why don't you go and troll somewhere else?

Yes obviously you can play a pc through a tv or a proj, but how many people does that apply to? Everyone who owns a console has a tv to run it through, I'd warrant a bigger tv than their pc monitor. PC games aren't as accessible as console games, and in some areas dont come close.

My favourite game types are sport/beat em ups/shoot em ups and driving games. All of which are rubbish on a pc.

Each to their own, but posting in the console gaming forum about prefering pc gaming is a bit like going to KFC and saying you prefer mcdonalds isn't it :rolleyes:
Sure ill show you how to play, u sound like you need the help,
but if you think FPS on xbox are the best ever then it might take alot of work. Coz youll actualy have to aim for your self from now on.

You guys make me laugh:rotfl:

I thought we would all have a broadband connection if were serious gamers(no less than 1mb if you want to be competative).

Oh well where you lake in skill you make up for in mouth which is probaly why you love xbox live coz u can shout abuse at people.

Why not remain objective and concede as i have that one format is better at some things than others or are you still arguing my xbox is better than ps2 in usual kiidy banter.:laugh:
Games Guru

Please dont speak to are very own games Master like that :nono: :laugh:
No your wrong.

I have not said PC gaming is better you retard. Try reading what i actualy post. and take into consideration the subject title of this thread for gods sake.(is it realy that hard to use your little brain m8)

they both have there equal merits

PC is fair beter at FPS becuse of the better graphics, extensive non repetative levels, all the mods you can get from clans, the better control system, the fact if your good it shows. if your not it realy shows. RTS games that consoles just cant do well.
even GTA3 and vice city play so much better on PC(once you get the keys binded right

Xbox Ps2. beatum ups. PC will never do this as good.
Driving games. colin mc u know what is fantastic on PS2
Platform games home of the consoles...thank god as i cant play em to save my life as ther to boring

No ones rubbishing console games. its just some dont work to well due to tech limitations

So whats the problem.....?
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