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Console Market Going The Way Of PCs?



Dont think its been discussed here before

Does anyone else get the feeling that with MS in the console market they are going to make them go the way of the PC as in upgrade heaven

I mean before MS came along we always had 5 + year life cycle and the VERY first time MS bring out a next gen machine they cut that time to 3 Years!!

Next it wil be even less, as MS just want to keep taking peoples money with better hardware, we could even see MS consoles becoming upgradeable which is a bad thing when devlopers have different specifications to take into account when making games.

Whats anyone else think?


Distinguished Member
No I don't personally think so. The only reason that the new X-Box is coming out so soon after the 1st is to catch up with Sony. They simply can't let Sony's new machine get the huge head start that the PS2 enjoyed. I don;t think that we'll be seing the PS4/X-Box3 generation until at least 2010.

I also don't think that consoles will be upgradeable as they are not aimed at that market. They are aimed at the plug in and go sector who generally don't even want to open their console up, never mind replace parts. The whole idea of a console is that everyones is the same and that the games will therefore work the same on everyones. Developers only have to produce 1 spec of game where as PC games need to cater for machines of varying power. You'll also find that most of the next gen consoles will be using a similar technology and they will all have more in common with each other than with PC's.


Yeh thats what we think though

But nobody knows what MS have in mind they could dramatically change the console market and i dont mean with innovation i mean with (money in mind)

We All know MS are originally PC based well i am not saying this will happen but i can see MS in 2 - 3 years time after XBOX 2 launch seeing how far PCs have surpassed XBOX 2 (And other Consoles) in terms of performance and wanting to yet again bring out anouther console to even the score with the best PC hardware.

Anyway we will see

P.S the PS3 will not be seen until 2006 MS dont have to release XBOX 2 this XMAS in order to cathup with Sony they could launch 2006 with PS3


Distinguished Member
I think they want to steel a march on Sony this time. The X-Box was an experiment for M$ (which is why it's basically a modified PC). Now that the brand has become reasonably well established I think we will see what they have really been working on since they decided to hit the console market. I doubt that the X-Box2 will have much in common with a PC at all.

I don't see M$ releasing a console every 3 years or so to try and keep up with PC's as the development cost would be huge and they will also be very keen on building their loyal user base. Releasing consoles too early will alienate both developers (as they are making their job far harder by forcing them to get to grips with new hardware all the time - baring in mind that quite a few games have 2-4 year development times) and large sectors of their user bases as they find that the console & games that they have only bought last year are now becoming obsolete.


Distinguished Member
Also remember that MS/Sony and nintendo make money from game sales, they get royalties and most lose money on the console itself. So making a new console every few years is not a good business plan, the company wants to extend the life time of a console as far as possible and people buy loads of games for it.

Buck Swope

Standard Member
M$ have to do something to catch up with sony. Weather or not releasing their console first is the answer i'm not sure but an upgradable console is a definite no-no. Just wont work.

The X-Box (and you also argue the N64) has shown us that the power of the console alone isn't enough to tempt the customers M$ are after away from sony. Which isn't to say that power alone is all the X-Box had going for it but I think it was in the eyes of masses. I don't see how asking the average gamer to spend another £100 so there X-Box 3 can catch up/surpass their mate's Playstation 4 will help sales. I don't even think Sony (with their PS brand) could sell upgrades let alone M$.

Munkey Boy

Distinguished Member
betamac said:
I mean before MS came along we always had 5 + year life cycle and the VERY first time MS bring out a next gen machine they cut that time to 3 Years!!
Well, thats not true is it. Life cycles of consoles has always fluctuated, and anyway if Xbox 2 was to launch this Nov, that would be 4 years to the month since Xbox launched in the US, not 3.

I feel the time is right for some new gen hardware, what with new DVD formats and convergence with home entertainment systems coming too, while MS understandably want to get in ahead of the game against Sony. Plus you do know its not compulsory for you to buy the new hardware on launch day right?


Well-known Member
I agree with Ghtom. MS are getting in early doors with Xbox 2. They have the opportunity to get to market first with superior hardware and are taking advantage of this. They loose money on the Console Hardware so I cant see them in any rush to release a new console every 3 years.

As the current Dominant player Sony are in a difficult situation. They could have launched PS3 this year but they are making so much on PS2 why risk it ?

Also they have committed significant production and marketing capability to the PSP which looks like being a run away success. This was the key factor on PS3 launch staying on target for the middle of next year I believe.

Personally I think Sony have accepted that they will never have a bigger proportion of the main console market than they do currently. There is stronger competition out there than there has been for years and their market share can only go down accordingly.

They have made the risky decision to diversify and go after handhelds I think this is what they are focusing their efforts on in the next 12 months before PS3 launch. It looks to have paid off big time. Although the DS had a decent headstart most industry insiders are tipping the PSP to become the dominant handheld within 12 months. Its already outselling the DS in Japan quite easily and I am sure it will be much more popular in the States and Europe than the DS. Not bad for their first attempt at handhelds really. They seem to have that midas touch when it comes to gamming hardware.

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