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Considering Yamaha YHT196 - Would appreciate a bit of advice

Grey Goose

Standard Member
Hello all

First post on the forums:hiya:. You guys seem to know your stuff so I was wondering if you could help me out. I’ve been out of the AV game for years, back in the day I had Technics and my Dad’s NAD 3020

I’m after a decent quality entry level AV Receiver (5.1) to replace a crummy Philips thing with a [broken] integrated DVD player I got a few years ago. I want to push an Xbox 360, Mediacenter PC and a Blu Ray player through it.

I was all set to buy the Denon AVR 1912 but figure that having to buy the speakers on top would make it a bit over the top price-wise for me needs.

I found the Yamaha YHT196 at Richer Sounds (£179.95) and what I have read on this and other sites seems favourable. Just a few questions:

  • Can anyone recommend a Blu Ray player which will work well with the system? In the £100 range?
  • Has anyone had a bad experience with the YHT196?
  • Does the system come with cables for the speakers and is it possible to buy brackets?
  • Is it worth replacing the Front Left and Front right speakers with something more powerful? If so any recommendations?

Many thanks in advance!


Distinguished Member
Any bluray player will work fine with the Yamaha so just get whatever you can within your budget. If you have a PS3 then this will be fine for bluray duties.
If replacing the front L/R then I would also replace the centre for a matching one at the same time. It is important to have the front 3 matching tonally and the best way to achieve this is to go for the same make/model across them. A more powerful speaker is not required but a larger standmount speaker will certainly give gains in terms of sound quality and would be a good upgrade.
For £180 you can not go wrong with the Yamaha as it is a lot of kit for not much cash.
If it does not come with speaker cable then get some 2.5mm oxygen free copper cable from somewhere like ebay which can be bought for well under £1 per metre. There is really no need to spend anymore.

Grey Goose

Standard Member
Thanks very much for your help! Would the Wharfedale Diamond 9.0s be a good (budget) upgrade for this system?

Thanks again.


Distinguished Member
Wharfedales are often recommended for brighter sounding receivers like Sony/Onkyo so may not be the best option. However, depending on what sound you prefer they may work well. Go listen to them and see what you think. If they do work for you then they would be a good upgrade but you may struggle to find a matching centre since that is a discontinued range.

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