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Hi all,

I've been happily running a Pioneer D2011 receiver since 2003 and am wondering if it's time for an upgrade.

On the input side, I feed from my TV's internal free view HD tuner, my Amazon Fire TV running Kodi, and occasionally my blu-ray player.

On the output side, the Pioneer feeds my Parasound power amp, which in turn feeds two stereo speakers. As much as I'd like to return to a surround setup, I just don't have the space at the moment.

My main question is what benefits would I see from an upgrade, and what are the best options?

What I've come up with so far:

- Ability to decode newer sound formats
- HDMI switching, though this is just labour saving as far as I can see
- streaming services, though between my fire tv, blu ray and smart TV, I'm not sure that would add anything?
- improved sound EQ

I don't expect to move to 4k for at least another couple of years, so am not worried about that functionality for HDMI yet.

If I were to buy a replacement, it would probably be a second hand flagship or one step down unit. I am considering a pre/pro, but am less inclined in that direction as I'd need to add more power amps if I went to surround later (I biamp my front two with four of the five channels on my Parasound).



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I'd suggest not spending your money on an AV receiver unless you actually intend to have a surround sound setup. The new formats will bring nothing new because your intent is to have a stereo configuration. You'd be able to buy a superior stereo integrated with either an internal DAC or a seperate external DAC for the same money you'd need to buy a mid range AV receiver. The intergrated will always outperform a similarly priced AV receiver because you are paying a lot for the additional amplification and decoding that you'll never use.

If only interested in stereo, connect all your sources to the TV and then output the audio from the TV via optical to a DAC prior to a stereo integrated amplifier or use an integrated amp with an integral DAC.

In fact, if you've a power amp then you only need a pre amp and a DAC. If the power amp has more than 2 channels then maybe sell it and use the money to buy something more appropriate.

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