Considering selling Naim amps - where to get best price, and what should that be?


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Thinking of selling my Naim amp setup, and am not sure where to advertise for the best price, or what to ask. It's a slightly tricky one, as I have a custom built twin power supply (rather than the "offical" hicaps) - it actually sounds better than the hicap. The 2 of them sit in a single 19" case - I'm using one of them to power the 32.5, and intended to use the other to Armageddon my Linn, or to power a Prefix. Wife & kids stopped that! So how much to ask for the "thunderCAP"? I could split them out into two cases, as they are all independently powered etc - maybe get more that way.

For the record, the rest of the gear is:

Naim 32.5 with 62 upgrade, MM and MC boards plus straight through boards, and various connectors and the relevant SNAICs.
Naim 250 (old style) - IIRC, it's been back to Naim for a service a few years ago.
That twin "thunderCAP" power supply.

Haven't seen enough ads around to get a feel for pricing....


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The two best places for selling Naim equipment are:

Loot and The Naim Marketplace

The Naim Marketplace on Topica has a fairly small distrubution list (<500) but its very focused. Via these two places I've bought and sold many, many pieces of Naim equipment.

To be blunt, the home made power supply is worth very little. You probably won't even recover the cost of the parts. Projects like these have to be undertaken for the fun of it. Don't expect to get more than £50.

The NAC32.5 - When you say 62 upgrade, do you mean 72 upgrade ? Only the 72 has plug in boards, the 62 would be a downgrade. Worth about £200, assuming the 72 boards aren't too old.

NAP250 - Old style (ie black front, silver edges) are worth about £500 to £600. Check the serial number with Naim who can tell you if its ever been serviced. A service/recap on one of these is about £120.


Currently running CDS2/82/180/Epos ES11s (no hicaps or supercap !)


the power supply is a tricky one. I cant say anymore than that!

I tried going for a similar set up, at first of ebay but gave up due to the enormous prices! That would be wher i recommend selling. Have a few nice pictures, say how reliable it has been, serviced such and such, sorry to see it go.....blah blah blah.......

the 32.5 i should think to get you £200 ish, maybe a bit more given its upgrades. The 250, if it is in good nick i would have said £700, i was trying to pay £550 for a ver evry old one and i would have been the 4th owner, yet the naim guys on their forum all reckoned it was a bargain.

good luck!



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Yeah, the PSU's a prob. One of the reasons I've been hesitant about selling the stuff. Still hesitant 'cos it will be a shame to lose the gear, but WAF and all that....

Might give the bloke who built it for me a shout and see if he knows anyone who's interested.

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