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But I want to make sure I get the best out if it and my sources. So if I start with the kit I already have which is put through the denon 3803 and upconverted / pass-thru on the component out, I assume I won't see much difference on screen in comparsion to what I have now (panny6, non-HD) ?

I assume I will have to use so form of scaler (ISCAN HD / HD+ ?) to convert the component out on the AMP to a lurvley high res display ? I assume this can be done by either using the DVI (is DVI available on the PIO?) or Component out on the scaler ?

Moving to a DVD player with HDMI out, I'd by pass the scaler / amp and plug directly into the plasma. But when other DVI / HDMI digital sources come along another rethink maybe in order or probably an amp with DVI / HDMI switching.

I guess my question is - do I need a scaler to get the best of a HD plasma? If I go for a PIO what's the best scaler to use?

Any hints / tips / ideas / pointers much appreciated!



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as you own a panny you may find a pio difficult to live with see gizlarocs comments about his NEC HD panel experience.....if you cant wait for the panny 8 series (official launch August time, stocks your guess is as good as mine make sure you have a thorough demo of the pio (preferably at home) before commiting, I assume you are considering the FDE/XDE models not the MXE models as there is no support for HDCP on on the MXE at the present time............


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Let's assume I talking about any HD panel - would I still need to go the scaler route ? Didn't know about the panny 8, but it all depends on moving house - I may use the panny 6 as a sales tool.

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01. PWD vs. PHD - yes you'll see an immediate difference between the two displays; the HD produces less colour banding than the SD.

02. Video scaler - think in terms of Video Processor not just scaling; there's much more to these boxes than image resizing.

03. Video Processor - not all of these boxes are created equal; choose carefully.

04. Video Connectivity - if you did introduce a Video Processor your AV Receiver is best taken out of the video signal path. Where possible connect as many of your video sources directly to the Video Processor.

05. Digital video sources - both SD and HD sources can and do benefit from being 'processed' in a good quality Video Processor; the 'ultimate' signal path may well be an Interlaced SD or Progressive HD source outputting via HDMI into the Video Processor and then on into the Display via DVI.

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