Considering Panasonic TX28PS12 - any cause to be concerned?


I'm seriously considering getting the TX28PS12, but am a bit concerned about all I've read in the forums here about this particular model; buzzing and the white banding.

Is it just that this model is so well reviewed and popular that any problems are so well documented here - or do I have cause to think twice..?

The nearest Panasonic Centre is offering it for £600, bit this includes a full 5yr warranty on all parts and labour AND a DVD player - the new Panasonic DVDS47EBS, which seems pretty well specc'd and possibly better than my Toshiba SD220E.

I currently get a 10% discount at Comet, so could get it there for £450 but extending the warranty there would be £170 (!) or I could do it through Panasonic for £40, covering just the tube for 3yrs.

Your comments please!
I have this model too, and i *think* its a great TV...but i haven't had a chance to really enjoy it yet cos i've had that white banding problem. I picked the PS12 cos it has two RBG sockets - and its only on RGB that the banding problem really appears.

I've had a fair bit of trouble trying to get John Lewis to accept that this a TV fault and not a cable/device/crosstalk problem. They're finally taking it away today to try and fix it or give me a replacement. Thing is, from what i've read it can't be fixed - its an inherent tube fault - and JL don't seem to stock the PS12 anymore. Interested to see what happens next and if they'll be able to offer a replacement at all.

In general though, its a cracking telly and i don't want another one - i got mine from JL for £499 with a 5 year guarantee - check with your local branch to see if there are any left. Oh, and mine doesn't buzz at all!

Question - who has bought a TXPS12 that *didn't* have the banding problem on RGB? I'm interested in knowing what percentage do have it and how many don't....



Thanks, guys.

I actually ended up buying one last week, the day after making my original post.

Cockbongo; I also live in Edinburgh, and tried John Lewis as I would've liked to have got it there for the 5yr warranty. They TX28PS12 is now obsolete (I checked with Panasonic) and the replacement (the TX28PM11) will only have two SCART sockets, only one of which is RGB - details have just appeared on the Panasonic website. In the end, I bought one of the last few left at Comet - I get a 10% discount there, so got it for £450.

The Panasonic shop in Livingstone is offering it for £600 with a 5yr warranty, and the brand new Panasonic DVD player, the DVDS47EBS. Didn't need the DVD player, and preferred to save £150.

It does have slight banding on RGB when watching DVD's but it doesn't spoil things and the cracking picture more than makes up for it. As you said, it's a craking TV, and I am content - especially bearing in mind I got it for £450.
I picked mine up in Glasgow for £449 as it was the last one in the shop and JL Edinburgh had none.

The banding gets right on my nerves (perhaps mine is worse, don't know) and I believe that if you're going to charge £500 for a TV it shouldn't have any fundamental flaws that can be but down to bad manufacture.

I do want to know if there are any TXPS12s that don't have this problem, though - want to know if its worth my while replacing mine with the same model over and over agian until i get one thats right. Cos despite the banding it is a great TV.

One another note - i've seen the specs on the new TVs - why would they replace the model with one with only two scart sockets? 3 scarts on an 100mhz TV was the main reason i bought this. Does that now mean there aren't any Panasonic 28 inch TVs with three scart sockets left?


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