Considering Beyerdynamics for FPS gaming but which?


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My current setup is a Sound Blaster G6 with AKG K702 and a V-moda mic. I find them pretty good to be fair but quite intrigued to try some Beyerdynamics.

Other headphones I own are:
Sennheiser HD58X (Didn't get on well with them for FPS gaming)
Philips Fidelio X2HR (Too bass heavy)
Philips SHP9500 (I use these away from home gaming on my laptop)
AKG K702 (My current daily use)

I was originally set on going all out and getting the 1990 but was advised to look at a lesser model first such as the 880 or 990. If I were to get one of those, I would likely go for the 600 ohm version I think.

I'm also looking at getting a Schiit Asgard 3 (Whenever stock gets into the country) but use the G6 as a DAC for now. I'll likely swap it out completely in the future.

I'm a bit lost on which Beyers to try though. Obviously position and accuracy are a must. Some places I've read the 880 would be better and others say the 990 are better. The 1990 may be a bit of a gamble as they are over double the price. Any thoughts?
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