Considering an upgrade from LG C8 to a C1.


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With the very good deals available at the moment, I'm considering upgrading my 65" C8 to a 77" C1.

Best I can judge, the C1 upgrade will add in order of importance (to me):
  • 77" vs 65" - well duh - totally obvious but silly not to put it here on top of the list
  • Better peak brightness
  • HDMI 2.1
  • the new WebOS

Is there anything else I should be factoring in? Fwiw - the TV is paired with an LG SP11RA soundbar. Mentioning this in case there's anything else in play in there but I don't think there is?

In monetary terms, it seems I would be able to sell the C1 on fleabay here in Oz for ~$2,000. The C1 77 is available for $5,750. Viewing distance in my room is ~4m so the 75" lands me in the "right" place on panel size, hence my considering this upgrade. When the C1 77 was still at ~$7k, this "correction" of the panel size wasn't really worth the differential but with it down at these levels now, it's slipping into the answer to "would I pay this premium to get the increased screen size?" question being "yeah I think so".

This decision would be so so easy if I were switching up from anything other than a damn fine OLED of course.

Any insights appreciated.
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HDMI 2.1 - Only useful currently if you're gaming
New WebOS - Doesn't seem to be really thought of as an improvement.
Better brightness - Will you notice that much?

77" - Duh... It's bigger. So buy it.... now.

Not sure of the situation in Oz but here in the UK (and the US), the best time to buy a new TV is May/June with the new models being launched at CES in the next few days, they start trickling into stores in March /April and then the retailers start moving the older, inferior (cough) models on at their cheapest price.
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HDMI 2.1 - nope not a gamer so strike that out.
New WebOS - yeah 99% of our TV viewing is via an Apple TV 4K box anyway - so strike that too.
Better brightness - possibly a tiny gain here - but certainly not enough to be a deciding factor. The room it's in is fairly bright but TBH the C8 is plenty bright enough for our usage - we have the brightness nowhere near max it will do. I discounted all of the "OLED won't work in bright rooms" talk as nonsense (for me) long ago :)

So you've pretty much confirmed my assumptions - this upgrade is all about the larger size and none of the other "benefits" really weigh in to the decision. On that point it's a no-brainer of course - bigger is almost always better!



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I went from an LG 65 E6 to a an LG 77CX the only thing I miss is the 3D, probably because I bought quite a few 3D discs, still loving the bigger picture :cool:


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Does the TV have the recurring reminders capability in web os 6.0??
So you can set a program reminder for like every friday etc.


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