Considering an import of a HS10? Read this (EC customs info)


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Like many of you, I’ve been toying with the idea of upgrading my projector, considering the HS-10 as a serious contender. Still, I am also waiting for some more insight into the machine specs and prices.

To get things going I already put an inquiry through Sony Portugal regarding availability and price. The quoted price will be put against the one provided from PriceJapan, as I am also considering a direct import.

In an effort to gather further info on the tax/customs side of the later option, I contacted a Portuguese Customs official for some guide lines. I found out something that, I think, may be of use to all AVForums EU members (since customs taxation codes should be already uniform all over EU).

Do you know that video projectors operating by means of a flat panel display (i.e. LCD) have a recommended 0% import duty tax?

This recommendation is provided by TARIC (french acronym for "Tarif Intégré de la Communauté"), which is a classification code adopted (although not bidding, it seems) by all EU countries.

Under Section XVI, Chapter 8528.30.05.00, the following description may be found “Video projectors operating by means of a flat panel display (for example, a liquid crystal device), capable of displaying digital information generated by an automatic data-processing machine.”

Isn’t this the perfect description for a LCD projector with a DVI port?

The recommended duty tax for an import from Japan is 0%.

You’ll have to confirm that TARIC is formally adopted in your country. Then get a formal technical description of the projector you’re intending to import and apply for a BTI (Bidding Tariff Information) from your national customs authority. This is a pre-import statement for the duty tax that will be charged upon the actual entry of the described item.

UK national customs authority is:

HM Customs and Excise
Information Management Division
Alexander House
21 Victoria Avenue
Essex SS99 1AA

Related links:

TARIC Table of Contents (Codes):

TARIC Duty Tax Calculator (TARIC Consultation):

Binding Tariff Information (BTI):

Hope this helps.



Nice post. Thanks :)


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....but don't forget that, irrespective of the rate of duty, VAT WILL be applied to your import at the prevailing rate - currently 17.5% in the UK, differs in other EU states.


:eek: In addition to VAT as Nigel mentioned, you will find your friendly HM Customs & Excise will want another 2% in Customs Duty for the privelege of handling!

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