Considering a Samsung Tab S7 plus - any alternatives I should look at?


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Hi folks

Ive always used Android tablets and get alot of use from my old Samsung Tab S3 (flagship at the time of release)

I mainly use it for linking to my Gopro's and drone to retrieve and edit footage which could be 4k, 360 etc

Im surprised it works aswell as it does for a fairly old tablet but recently its starting to struggle a bit more and I think its time to upgrade.

The S7 plus seems to tick all the boxes, its a nice upgrade on screen size aswell as everything else

Im fairly out of touch with tablets these days so just wanted to ask if there is anything else I might consider before ordering the S7 plus?

Im not fussy about brands as long as its high spec and on android

Thanks for any suggestions


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I upgraded my boys Tab S2 to the S7 for his bday, other than obvious speed benefits the stand out feature is the solid battery life. I mean it just goes on and on despite some pretty heavy usage by him (gaming, YouTube, Netflix). Then of course there is the fast charger. Will be great for travel once we're out of this lock down. There isn't really much choice these days for Android tablets but of the few that are around, fortunately, Samsung still make a top quality tablet.


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Thanks, I was hoping Huawei or one of those type of companies might have a cheaper alternative.

I always had Samsung phones but my p20 Pro has done the job for me in recent years.

The tab S3 was brilliant so if Samsung is still the obvious choice I'm OK with that.


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I went for a used s7 plus

Very happy so far

Thanks for the advice


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Glad you're pleased with the S7 plus and did the same upgrade myself recently, I bought the S3 just to use with a DJI drone however I came to use it extensively and was a big fan. I decided to go for the S7+ as I've been using the S3 for a lot of video playback and the S7+ has not just the larger screen but the wider ratio as well. My only minor grip is that there's no headphone port and only one USB-C port but other than that it's a superb tablet with a stunning screen and surprisingly good audio which I'm very pleased with.
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