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ATM i'm keeping my eye on the forums for sale sections, as well as the obvious Ebay, but the more i look, the more options appear.

I HAVE however ruled out units that can't be used as masters flashes, for future proofing somewhat...i'd rather spend more money just now than later on and that way get use out of the manual functions.

I simply won't get close to spending £200 though and more than likely try to get something around the £100 mark. I know this is stretching it a bit, but i believe if i can wait(i'm in no hurry), i'll get a good deal.

Trouble is, what are the best options?

I could stretch to a new Sigma 530 DG Super possibly, or wait for a 2nd hand item, or maybe try and get a 550EX....maybe there are other considerations? I've read the 530 is nearly as good as the 580EX, but is the 550 lacking?

Any recomendations are welcome and go easy, as i've never had a flash before, so won't know much techy stuff on them. TIA


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I'd personally go for a 2nd hand 580EX.
Without knowing all the features of their predecessors I expect they are missing newer Custom Functions and the like, along with slower recycle times and less efficiency.


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Thanks for replying fella. :)

I've been on the look out for one and even 550ex's are getting £170+, so i expect the 580 to be somewhat more....not sure i can justify the outlay untill i get the hang of it all?

Been hunting through the forums and there's no Speedlites for sale anywhere...missed out on a 550ex for £120.:rolleyes:


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what about a second hand 430EX? new they are £160 so im sure a second hand one will be quite a bit less.
Ive used a 550Ex and whiel its a good flash it is lacking some of the newer features of the newer units.
Battery life and recycle time being two of them.
The 430EX is designed to work better with the newer DSLRs.

Just a suggestion.


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I would go for a used 430EX or 580EX, wouldn't bother looking at anything older. The main difference between them is flash power, distance and recharge time, but both are very good flashes.
Stay clear from any flash where the exterior looks worn, as this will likely mean the flash head itself is warn as well and if the flash head blows then you are looking at a high repair cost and a new unit would probably be cheaper.

Check out the Canon store on e-bay, that way you will get a refurb flash with a guarantee as well.

The main improvements with the EX2 are weather sealing and a stronger hotshoe mount. Compatible weather sealed bodies are the 1D3, 1Ds3, maybe the 50D and 5D2 but I use 1D3 bodies so that's all I can say for sure.

Hope this is helpful.

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