Considering 50" Hisense A7500F/A7300F, looking for some more opinions or even options.


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I've been looking to buy a 50" TV with a VA panel for around 400eur(I'm from Lithuania).I would use the TV for casual Netflix, YouTube watching and some basketball watching. Checked out the Samsung TU7000 and TU8000 which both have pretty good prices, but everyone says they are pretty bad quality. Also checked out TCL EP680,660, but people also say that TV isn't too good. But now I've found the Hisense 50A7500F and it looks like a pretty decent TV. The A7300F is going for 319eur, while the A7500F is going for 399eur at the moment. Would paying 80 eur more for the A7500F be worth over the A7300F? Or would it be worth getting a different TV at this pricepoint? Thanks for the advice!
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In all honesty i woudnt buy those. I work at tv retail and i test them moderately when they arrive and do demos to clients that wanna see content at the store. The tu7000 isnt that bad but not a stellar tv since its an entry level tv. Lg for netflix at that range is a poor choice and sony to expensive. Leaves you with hisense and panasonic, the hisense this year suffers from edge light bleed, its pretty severe in each model i test, the colors at the hdr night and day mode are nice indeed but the motion when watching real 4k leaves something to desire. Panasonic are a bit more expensive but if you can find last year model here at portugal sometimes you can get them at 399€/419€, the 50gx700. The color calibration out of the box of most of them are very good, and the cinema setting is spot on in my pov and the motion is something out of the ordinary for that kind of price, it doesnt get as bright as the hisense or samsung and the screen is more reflective. That would be my choice for those kinda prices.

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