Considerations for 2.1 Satellite System for Music

Nathan Pugh

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Hi All;

I am mulling over the notion of replacing my standmount Cambridge Audio aero2 with a 2.1 satellite system. Mainly for aesthetic reasons in the room. Also 2 wall mounted satellites might make room for a slightly bigger TV.

My main interest is music, not really bothered about films. So was considering a small sub REL T Zero, BK Gemini 2 something on the less expensive side around 30cm cube or less. The question is the satellites. Something that goes relatively low ish 70hz like Monitor Audio Radius R90 or something smaller like a pair Monitor Audio MASS satellites. Easier to place on wall but only going down to about 105hz. Also looked at Cambridge Audio minx. I like the aero2's. Whilst I suspect they might lack a bit of top end bite I value the wide dispersion characteristics and are not fatigueing in the slightest and i would be looking for those properties in any replacement.

The Aero2s are powered by a Cyrus One. Another reason to have slightly bigger satellites, any smaller than necessary would feel like wasting it a bit.

So my question really is it possible to get stereo music performance with such a 2.1 system that competes with something more conventional or that we have now? Room is 4m x 5m. Doing nothing is definitely an option.

Just would like to have the conversation really. Thanks for your time and having read even this far.



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I'd consider the wharedale diamond 9.0 I had a pair and pretty good for the size, I tried just in stereo and quite impressive,
used as close monitor speakers but you need a subwoofer really for that room.

I'd avoid tiny sat speakers, only consider them as heights..


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How about the new Wharfedale Diamond 12.0, the smallest speaker in the range.

Also the Monitor Audio Monitor 50 which should be easier to drive and go deeper than the mass or mass 2 satelites.

I would avoid the CA minx, they are truly aweful for stereo music reproduction, expensive for what they are, the bmr drivers lack clarity and depth and only suitable as effects or surround speakers where size and weight are a factor.

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