Conservatory too bright for my Samsung LE32S62BX.


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I have a Samsung LE32S62BX in my conservatory fixed to the only wall. The other 2 sides (except for where it joins my dining room) are glass, as is the roof. Although I do have blinds all over, they are cream and do not stop the bright sunshine. As such the picture is severely hampered. I have two options - one cheap and one expensive. Cheap - change the settings although wouldn't know what settings would be best. Expensive - buy a new TV (LED, LCD or Plasma) but dont want to be in the same situation. Either way I want the clearest possible picture. Any suggestions. Thanks.


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To be honest I think you'll struggle to get a watchable pic on any Tv if it's that bright.
LCD TVs tend to give a brighter pic than plasma.
LED TVs (of the type I think you're referring to) are just edge-lit LCDs and they're not any brighter than traditional back-lit sets.
The only solution may be heavier/darker blinds or reposition the existing TV.


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Agree with jaycee- the only solution is to darken the conservatory. No TV will cope with that sort of ambient light. I have tried and it's hopeless.
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