Conservatory killed my TX-P50VT65B :(


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Hi all,

Apologies if I get a little emotional as I type this...

I've got an aging TX-P50VT65B and I put it in my conservatory last summer. Apart from the days it was really bright (the reflection off the glass front is a killer) - it worked beautifully in there.

However, I tried it a couple of weeks ago and it's dead. Like, completely dead.

It takes a standard kettle lead, so I tried a new one, same thing. Different wall sockets etc... No LEDs... the power button just does nothing.

I'm going to assume the cold in the conservatory has killed it now?

Is there anything obvious I should look for if I do pop the back?

Thanks in advance... I've obviously not used it for months, but it's going to hurt taking it to the tip :(


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probably condensation from the cold has fried it....


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How hot does your conservatory get in the summer ? I just checked my old GT30's manual and it states the operating temperature range as between 0 and 35 degC, so a TV in a conservatory could quite possibly exceed this on a hot day if the conservatory gets plenty of direct sunshine. A recommended humidity range is also stated, so that's presumably an important factor too.

I would expect the big variations in temperature you get between night and day (especially if it's unheated) wouldn't be good for an older TV in the long run. Circuit boards could very well expand and contract, caused soldered connections to break.

What a shame ! :(


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Thanks for the replies.

It wasn’t ever used in extreme temperatures, but from the feel of things, the conservatory got down to freezing temps (or thereabouts) over the winter.

Gutted :(


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would you get a nice LG oled or Panasonic or Sony set? or do you want a cheaper LED tv?
I got a nice LG 50PK590 for only £50 last week. on gumtree. just about fitted in the car.

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