Consensus on replacement pads for Meze 99 Classics?

What seems to be the consensus on the best earpad replacement these days for the 99 Classics? I just bought mine a month ago and LOVE them. The only problem is that my upper right ear has cartilage that sticks out more than the same on the left ear, and it hits the driver grill and creates pain over time.

I'm almost certain I have the large/Standard Meze pads (23 mm depth) since I bought my 99 Classics new in January 2021. So, I will need something a bit deeper than that. I'm super interested in all of the Dekoni pads, but they all appear to be 22 mm deep, so that only will exacerbate my problem.

Then there are the Brainwavz HM5 pads. I see some people recommending the sheepskin or hybrid oval Brainwavz pads for the 99 Classics. They're all 30 mm deep, so I will have more than enough room for my screwy cartilage. But I fear that a jump from 23 to 30 mm -- 30 percent more depth -- will wreck the sound signature of the 99 Classics that I enjoy so much.

I don't mind if new pads reduce a bit of the bass and enhance the mids and highs a TOUCH. I am very treble-sensitive -- I DESPISE grain, which is one of the reasons I enjoy the smooth treble roll-off of the 99 Classics with the default pads. But I certainly don't want any more bass bloom. The richness of the 99 Classics' stock bass is very appealing, even if it sometimes teeters on the lack of control.

Any and all earpad replacement suggestions for the above criteria are VERY appreciated. Thanks!

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