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Connnecting DVD/VCR combi to TV with one SCART

Discussion in 'TVs' started by post2jrh, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. post2jrh


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    I`ve just bought a Samsung DVD/VCR combi machine and connect to my TV using composite scart to scart for both VCR and DVD output.

    The TV (Sanyo ce21MT4-B) has one scart, which can do RGB, I used it with my old Amiga that way.

    There is OSD on the Samsung for configuring between comp (goes out through scart 1), rgb (same) and svideo (through s-video out). The Samsung has an S-video out just for DVD only output, whereas the scart is shared between dvd & vcr and cannot be made otherwise.

    The strange thing is, if I configure the Samsung to output RGB, as opposed to comp, I get a black screen. I assume this is because, being a combi machine it has to output composite because that`s all the VCR part can handle.

    What`s even stranger is, that when set to output this RGB signal, the Samsung must be doing something odd, which I think is hiding the RGB signal in some way, because I can see glimpes of it! The combi has a button on the remote that flips between it`s own in-built tuner and the TV`s (anyone know why?). If I toggle this switch I can see, for less than a second, the picture being displayed in RGB mode.

    I`d like to know why this is, and what my best options are for getting around the issue and having the best quality signals for both the DVD and VCR.

    My first idea was to use the vcr mode through rf and buy a s-video to scart cable. This has two downsides though- firstly my video quality goes down and secondly I`m not sure if the TV can get a proper signal from a s-video source.

    My second thought was some kind of active breakout box that can take both the composite scart and the s-video and output them in the best quality available into the rgb scart.

    Any suggestions?


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