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I have a dvd player which has a built in dolby digital decoder,
it has got six speaker output jacks on the back, I would like to know if I can connect any speakers to these jacks directly or do I need a seperate amp or receiver?

I currently have the FL and FR jacks connected to my tv for stereo sound, but could I connect other speakers in the empty jacks?



It might be possible to connect speakers direct to the output of your DVD Player if you have a set of active speakers. However, there are many downsides such as lack of bass management, inability, at worst, or difficulty, at best, to balance the output and delay setting to the various speakers, etc. I suspect that, even with the best will the world, the results are likely to be less than satisfactory.

Far better would be to buy an AV amp/receiver. Even the cheapest model is likely to be better than a direct connection as you are suggesting. The likely costs involved of buying a complete 5.1 active speaker set up will be much higher than a budget receiver (around £150 to £200) and a good starter passive speaker package (anything from £150 upwards) and active sub-woofer.

At the moment your TV is doing the amplifiction job with your Front Left and Front Right. However, even with your curent arrangement you will be missing an awful lot, notably with the centre output, which most consider the most critical of all as it comprises chiefly of speech. You would almost certainly be better off using a Scart cable (or event composite connectors) to connect your DVD player to yourt TV, so at least you will get all the channels sound output through your TV speakers.

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