Connectors on MS Premier Speakers


Peter G

Can anyone tell me what type of connectors the speakers in the MS Premier pack have - are they spring-clips or banana-plugs?

Better still, does anyone know where I can get a picture of the back plate of the speakers as I'd also like to see how the speaker cable will be routed to the connectors, and what provision they have for attachment to wall mounts.

Any help gratefully received! :thumbsup:

Ed Selley

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Screw terminals that accept the 4mm banana plug.

Spring clips :eek: ;).


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They are angled at about 45%. If you use banana plugs (after removing safety caps) the cable entry will be from above, if you use the screw option the cable entry will be from below.

Wall mounts are easy, MS do their own but I used some cheaper generic ones which were fine. A couple of big screws are provided for mounting.

See http://www.uk-memory.co.uk/ebay_images/302back.jpg


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the MS wall brackets don't come with screws either... tut tut

the Mission M30 brackets fit, are £20 a pair and come with all screws, or as Steviedvd said, any bracket designed for the OMNI mounting system will fit. Note the centre can be wall mounted too :)

Ian Carter

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Sorry to Hijack.

Any recommendations for stands for the MS302's used as fronts I Have a set of Alphasons but the mounting brackets just don't seem upto the job, as the speaker seems to hang down.

Need something with a small top plate.


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MS do Premiere stands around £60 a pair

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