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Baron Von Doom

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im trying to install my componants in my new case. its a thermaltake tsunami drean.
the motherboard is an asus ptgd1-la.
the problem i am having is the conectors for the power switch and led on the front of the case seem different than the ones on the motherboard.
there are sepperate connectors on the case but the board has one connector for switch and led. how do i connect or is it not possible.
also can only see one connector on motherboard for the case fans but the case has 2 fans.
sorry if this is simple but i dont have any experiance of doing this before


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Not entirely sure what you mean about the connectors, they should be standard.

There is no set amount of case fan connectors for a motherboard to have, you can connect the other one direct to the power supply with an adapter.


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If the case connectors are single (seperated connecter for each wire) you can just use the motherboard manual to see which pins are for what, and connect the singles onto the correct pins. I did have a quick look to see if there was an online manual for your board at the asus site, but couldnt spot the model number you gave. The P5GD1 manual shows this:


(20 pin connector at the bottom right of the board)

Power LED: The 1st and 3rd pin on the top row, with the 3rd being the ground pin (usually for the black wire)
Speaker: All 4 pins on the far right of the top row. (if your case has a speaker, it should be a single connector for all 4)
HDD LED: 1st and 2nd pin of the bottom row. (2nd being ground)
Power Switch: 6th and 7th pin of the bottom row. (7th being ground)
Reset Switch: 9th and 10th pin (last 2 pins) of bottom row. (10th being ground)

Connect the coloured wire for the power switch to the 6th pin on the bottom row, and the black wire for it to the 7th and so on...
Dont worry about getting them the wrong way round, the worst that will happen is it wont work.

Check your manual to make sure of the layout (most follow the same as above) or if you cant find it, check on the board itself.

As for the fans, like dan1979 said, you can get 3pin to 4pin molex adapters to plug them straight into your PSU. (You normally get them with cases/fans)

Baron Von Doom

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thanks for the help. ive managed to get it connected up.
i was wondering about the fans though. both the fans in the case have a power cable and a single cable going to a three pin connector. my mother board only has one three pin connector for these. do they both need to be connected?
i dont have a manual for the board as the pc was originaly bought pre built.
also ive noticed the psu is only 300w and has know run out of connectors. what sort of price should i be looking at for a replacement? would a 450w do the job. i will be slowly up grading and will be adding a pci ex graphics card and tv card soon


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Dont skimp on the PSU. Buy a decent one that will last.
The single cable going to the 3 pin connector (Yellow?) is just the rpm monitoring cable. They put them on sometimes so you can connect the fan straight to the PSU, and connect the rpm cable to the motherboard or a fan controller to monitor the rpm. Pretty pointless if you ask me, and not required so dont worry about it.

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