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I’m looking for an idiot’s guide connection diagram (please!) as I am about to embark on Freesat installation.
I’m reasonably OK with the Freesat box installation and wiring, but the problem is that I also have a Philips VCR which only has SCART sockets (x2), and I think I will run out of SCART connectivity on the rest of the system. This is because the AV2 input on the HDD/DVD recorder would be used by the Freesat box connection and not by the VCR as at present. I only want to use the VCR for occasional playback of copyright protected tapes that can’t be converted into DVDs (well not easily anyway).
Is a 2-way SCART splitter the answer? Switched or unswitched?
The system would comprise:
1. TV: Panasonic TX-L42E30B Freeview & HD – which has 4 HDMI inputs and a single SCART
2. Freesat: Humax HDR-1000S – which has one each, HDMI and SCART sockets
3. Freeview HDD/DVD Recorder: Panasonic DMR-EX75EB – which has one HDMI and two SCART sockets
4. VCR: Philips VR 630/07 which has two SCART sockets only.
[Plus connections from TV, Freesat and Freeview boxes to Yamaha CRX550 DAB receiver for higher quality audio (I have no issues with this at all)].
In case anyone asks: why Freeview and Freesat: I would like to pull in additional TV stations including regional programming from another part of the country.
Thanks for your help guys


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Get a Scart to 3 RCA Phono Composite cable and connect the scart end to your VCR and the Phono end to the AV2 composite input on the side connection panel of the Tv.

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