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Hi all,

I have bought a new LG 47LW650T and I have the following bits of kit,

Denon AVR 1911
Sky+ HD
PS3 Slim
Xbox 360 fat with HDMI
Wii running on Composite
iMac with hdmi adapter

The TV supports ARC and SIMPLINK which will only allow me to turn the volume up and down on my Denon

My issue is this, if i set the Denon to Sky, it works fine, but if i launch an app from the LG tv, it switches the Denon to TV so as to play the audio from the TV through the Denon. this is where the ARC comes in.

Trouble is I dont like lots of remotes everywhere and the otherhalf cannot get to grips with universal remotes.

So I know have an issue, if i now want the sky back on or ps3 we have to hunt out the Denon remote.

Would I be better off connecting HDMI1 (arc) to my denon and running the PS3, Wii, Sky, and Xbox etc through the TV HDMI connectors and leave the Denon on TV mode instead of running everything throught the Denon and then up to my TV?

I hope this makes sense!

Thanks in advance.


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You can try it, but you may find that you lose out on 5.1 audio by doing this. It could be just stereo sound that the TV is capable of passing through this way from your other devices. You’ll certainly lose out on multi-channel HD audio from Blu-rays on your PS3.

What kind of universal remotes have you tried? Decent ones like the Harmony remotes from Logitech can be configured so all you have to do is press “watch TV”, “watch DVD”, etc on the touchscreen. Surely that can’t be too hard for the other half to master?


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just picked up a one-for-all 6+3 Smart control from maplin for 24.99 so far I have set it up to control Xbox 360, iMac, SKY HD, and the TV.

Just gotta teach her how to use it!

Cheaper than replacing all my HDMI's with longer ones! :D

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