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Connectivity advice required

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by richard66, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. richard66


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    I'm looking to buy a plasma, and judging by most comments on the plasma section the Panny 6 seems to be the one to go for.

    BTW, I love this forum, its a great source of info.

    My question is, what is the optimal way of connecting my peripheral devices;

    Sony DVP-S725D DVD player (old, but has component output)
    Sony STR-DB780 receiver
    Sky (currently standard but about to upgrade to Sky+)

    I have no intention of connecting a VCR

    I have the choice of either the TY42TM6AB [3 X BNC] or the TY42TM6YB [S-VID/BNC Composite/ 5 x BNC component] input boards– which one of these will I need?)

    It looks as though the JS convertors are highly recommended here, so maybe that route is the most likely? What cables will I need to hook all this lot up?

    Also, what is the maximum distance I can place the peripherals away from the plasma without losing any significant quality?
    (I want the plasma wall mounted and dont want to ruin the effect by having any other kit right next/below it).

    Another also :boring:
    Perhaps this should go in speaker section really, but......

    Any recommendations for a centre speaker which will work well with this kit and look nice on a black wall mounted plasma (my current Mission one is way too large)

    Any retailers want to quote me on this set up..please feel free....looking to purchase within the next couple of weeks.

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