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Connectivity Advice Please

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Would anyone be kind enough to tell me the most efficient way to connect a relatively simple setup?

The hardware is:
Sky Plus Box (Non HD)
Panasonic DMR E55 DVD Recorder/Player
Toshiba 36ZP48 CRT TV

The Toshiba TV has 2 Dolby Digital Audio Inputs, 1 optical and the other coaxial. It also has a Component Video Input plus a stack of scart inputs.

The DVD has Component Video out and optical audio out plus scart input & output

My main query is whether or not I should route the Scart Output from the Sky+ box through the DVD unit then use the component out from the DVD to the TV. Or, will I get better picture quality by directly connecting the Sky+ RGB scart out to the TV scart in, then connecting the Component out from DVD to Toshiba Component in.

Also, am I better off using both optical outs from the Sky+ and DVD via an optical audio splitter to one optical audio in on the TV? Or, is it better to set up one direct link per Sky+ and DVD box but use an optical to coaxial convertor one one of the connections.



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I would connect the video sources directly to the TV separately i.e. SCART for Sky+ and component for the DVD recorder, as it will make it simpler if you plan on recording one and watching another. You could use an optical splitter for the Sky+ and DVD recorder for about £5.00. As long as only one is on, the signal will pass through. Obviously you could use an optical to coax converter but that would be more expensive.

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