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I am looking for some help my brother in law has just bought a Sony DAV 400
and we both could not hook it up to his Plasma Screen.He has a LG 42PZ13
hooked up to a Sky Digital box which acts as his tuner he can get pictures through his Sky Box but no sound.He has already got a DVD which he connects useing composite leads.

Irish Boy


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Hi IB,

I think the best quality video connection from the Sony will be s-video. I'm sure the LG will have a corresponding s-video input. To get sound from the Sky box you need to connect the 2 phono outputs to a spare set of phono inputs on the Sony. Hope this helps.



Why does he connect his DVD to his plasma through a Composite connection? This is the worst method and the absolute last resort. Does the DVD/Plasma not have provision for either RGB or Component Video connections?

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