connections for tv , dvd recorder , skybox complex ?



Please help, all getting to much for me to connect and get the best out of it all !!
TV Sony KE-P42M1 plasma
3 scarts one labelled smartlink
5 sockets marked..y, pa, pr, L/G/S/1. R/D/D/D.
2 sockets marked L/G/S/1, R/D/D/D.

Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-ES10
2 sockets RF out , RF in,
2 scarts..AVl TV, AVl EXT,
2 video sockets,
2 pairs of sockets ,labelled audio L and R,
2 sockets, s video out and AV4 in

Pace Sky box DS430N
1 socket aerial in
2 sockets labelled RF out 1 , Rf out 2 9vDC 7.5 ma max
2 scarts vcr, tv,
1 socket RS 232
2 sockets L, R audio out
1 socket dish input,
phew what a lot !!!
Have many leads and have connected y, pa ,pr from dvd to tv Just seems so much and the smartlink, ??? Help for the best possible system , the mind is boggling !! Thanks for reading this huge list if you are still with me ! Keith


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The DMR-ES10 has component out so use that to connect it to the plasma. The audio can be taken with the stereo RCA outs to the plasma or via optical to an external amp.

The Sky box can be connected to the plasma via RGB scart. Ensure that the Sky box is set to output RGB and 16:9 and that scart control is set to "on".

If you're wanting to record from Sky then connect a scart between the Sky box and DVD recorder. Personally I have an ES10 and Sky box and connect the TV scart of the Sky box to the DVD recorder so that I get RGB recordings (The ES10 has RGB scart IN). To watch Sky you would leave the plasma on the component channel and the DVD on AV1 or AV2 depending on which socket you have connected the Sky box to.

Chris Jackway
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