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Jun 5, 2002
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DVD is obvious straight to Componant

How are people connecting VCR (VHS and assuming this is the best way to get terrestrial tuner to projector) and sky (Non svideo model) considering most models only have scarts on the back.

IMO using composite is watchable - just!

I have a Pace NTL box that will only output composite or RGB via scart and a VHS (composite only obviously).

Using the pj also means I need a new lead for my PS2 as composite looks awful on that.

Ideally I suppose use an RGB to S-Video converter. For kit that only has composite out...its never going to look that great so better get used to it.

So I suppose Im after scarts with composite or svideo cables that break out of them, if I want to avoid switching gear
Snelly wrote...

IMO using composite is watchable - just!

Well, it wouldn't do for everyone to think the same way, would it? I find composite video perfectly acceptable, and the same goes for the output from my VCR. I can happily play around with this AV lark for the fun of it, but frankly, I'm far more interested in the content of the material than the picture quality.

Originally posted by Bert Coules
Well, it wouldn't do for everyone to think the same way, would it?

Certainly not Bert


Originally posted by Bert Coules
I find composite video perfectly acceptable

I don't


Originally posted by Bert Coules
I'm far more interested in the content of the material than the picture quality.

I agree, content is important. But watching the best film in lousy picture quality ruins it for me.

But each to their own.

If you're happy with what you've got, who am I to critizise? This is all subjective. After all, I'm not the one viewing your image.

Back to the original question:

The best image on the AE-100 is obtained via VGA & a PC.
Next best is progressive component
then component, S-video, then composite.
Getting back to the original thread. With three sources: DVD Sky and VCR.

DVD has componant so thats the best you canget for that

I was seeing how people were connecting up a VCR and Sky. VCR is easy as the image quality is composite and the source material is 240 lines so its never going to be good, so I suppose a Scart-> scart with a comosite feed broken out from it would allow it to be connected to the projector.

I was more curious as to how people had connected sky (which I would use for terrestrial channels). How are people connecting sky to the ae100. Is there anyway of keeping the RGB quality?

I experimented with an RGB->s-video converter for a direct connection between my Panasonic digibox and the AE100.

The image quality was certainly improved slightly (but only slightly) in terms of sharpness and colour bleed, but the converter introduced a ripple into vertical edges which rather negated the improvements.

With a better converter (or more tolerance toward ripples) you could have:

Digibox RGB -> converter -> AE100 s-video in
VCR composite -> AE100 composite in
DVD component -> AE100 component in

I think that you might find a pj which takes rgb signals so you could run a scart lead which splits into separate rgb connections. However if not then really you need to accept that you are stuck with either using a converter or plain old composite.

I have seen converters from rgb to both s-vid and component but have no idea what the performance is like.

I use a JS technology RGB to s-video convertor for my digibox and consoles. I have a switchbox that allows me to direct the RGB inputs to either my TV or the convertor. The s-video output goes to my HTPC into a pinnacle capture card ( about 40quid) where it is deinterlaced and scaled to the pannys native panel resolution using Dscaler and powerstrip for the resolution. Digibox audio goes from the convertor to my svhs vcr then onto my amp (its a hangover from the previous set-up and I havn't bothered going direct yet) Consoles are toslink to my amp .

Dscaler allows me to get the gamma closer to ideal than even using Theatertek software playback for dvd ( which is pretty great anyway).

The only downside is a bit of noise introduced by the capture card: I suspect the RF tuner stage on the card but I'm seriously considering the falcon capture card which is supposedly clean but expensive (150quid). There is about 1-2 frames worth of lipsync delay but I have to concentrate to see it.

It works fab no dropped frames no stutter . DTS and DD to the amp from the HTPC works great. Total cost including convertor was about 500quid and I reckon it will outperform scaler combos 10 times that price. (especially when it comes to gamma on the ae100)

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