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Hi All,

I am in the US and I need help making a decision regarding cables. I know it has been discussed all over the internet but wanted your educated opinion. I have the following equipment:

Panasonic ZT60
Denon AVR - X2300W - R 7.2
Oppo BDP-93 Blu Ray
Sony PS5
Cable Box (Fios)

The receiver, Blu-Ray player and the PS5 will sit in a cabinet about 20ft away from the TV and the walls are finished. I will need to fish the cables through the finished walls and by my calculations I need 1 cable from the Receiver to the TV and another, dedicated one, from PS5 to the TV (Blu Ray and Cable Box connected via the Receiver). My dilemma is this:

My current TV, though I love it and it's great, is not 4K so will probably have to be upgraded to the latest at some point. That means that cables that I lay inside the walls will have to be future proof, to the extent that is even possible, as it is a major pain to get that done in my case. Main goal is to do this work now and don't worry for the next 10yrs, hopefully. As far as I know my options are:

1. HDMI - all the cable ratings for Ultra High Speed ones are for lengths typically less than 15ft (5m) and so at my length of 20ft what really are my options? I am considering the "Monoprice 113755 HDMI High Speed Active Cable" which comes at 20ft. But in terms of being "future proof", is it the answer?

2. HDMI over Ethernet - considering also the other option of laying out a CAT8 ethernet cable and connect the AVR and TV this way with extenders on both ends. If I go this route, this I think is upgradeable for the future but what I am not sure of is whether I will be sacrificing any quality for 4K viewing or even 8K when available. Is this type of connection lossless?

What else am I missing or need to consider?

Appreciate your comments/suggestions and please take it easy, I am new around here ;)



Joe Fernand

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I’d go with Hybrid Fibre HDMI cable over an Active Copper cable for all of your runs over 5m.

Use solid core, UTP, non-CCA/CCS, CAT6 for the Extender runs - no need for CAT7, CAT8.

The Extender tech is always behind the curve so best used as a backup plan.


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