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    Greetings all - Hi from Downunder!
    I've been lurking for a week or so now, and am most impressed with the knowledge base this forum has! Terrific resource!

    One query - Sky and Sky+ I assume are digital TV providers? Australia has recently started transmission of Digital Terrestrial TV, in either Standard or High Definition. I have been making the mental translation that a Sky box is the same thing as my set-top box for digital free-to-air TV. Is this right?

    Anyways, I've just aquired a Panasonic Widescreen TV (TX-76PW60A - I haven't worked out an equivalent UK model - 76cm, 4 SCART inputs (3 rear), 100Hz, Quintrix SR tube etc...) and DMR-E55 DVD Recorder. I also picked up a Standard Definition Digital set-top box in the package, so I'm a happy camper.

    I have it connected as follows:

    RF Connection
    External Aerial --> STB in/out --> E55 RF in/out --> TV RF in
    (This is for watching RF TV while recording something different from the STB)

    STB Connections
    STB SCART out (set to RGB) --> E55 AV2 in (set to RGB)
    STB Composite Video, Audio L/R out --> TV AV2 in
    RF out loop-through --> E55 RF in

    E55 Connections
    E55 Audio L/R, Component YUV out --> TV AV4 in (set to YUV), Audio L/R
    AV1 - blank
    AV2 (RGB) from STB (RGB) out
    AV3 (front) reserved for Vide Camera etc use
    RF in from STB loop-through
    RF loop-through out --> TV RF in
    (intention is to give best connection to TV view DVD viewing)

    TV Connections
    RF in from E55 loop-through RF out
    AV1 input (composite video, Audio L/R) from STB Composite Video, Audio L/R out
    AV2 input (composite Video/ Audio L/R) from VCR Composite Video, Audio L/R out
    AV3 input (Front) left for Video camera connection etc
    AV4 input (Component YUV, Audio L/R) from E55 YUV, Audio L/R out

    Any obvious improvements I should make?
    I was tossing up between connecting the RGB output from the STB to the TV instead of the E55 - which would be preferred? Going to the TV should give best live viewing, going to the E55 should give best recording results, yes?

    My VCR is destined for playback only now that I have the E55 recorder, although I might split the RF signal one more time to allow taping from the free-to-air if i want to record two different shows while watching a third on the TV. I might be pushing the limits of RF signal strength though.

    Obviously I need a sound system (was thinking the Panasonic SC-HT07?? any opinions??) - that's going to come next, but for now, any other tips re: connection or usage would be much appreciated.

    Geoff in Australia
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    Yes - Sky is a Satellite TV service for which people have Digiboxes. Sky+ is the same only the Digibox has a HDD recorder included. I thought Sky was also the Australian Satellite TV broadcaster? Whatever you assumption is effectively correct: Sky is our 'major' Digital TV service with 'Freeview' as our Terrestial TV service (and is considerably behind what you get - it could be 10 years before we get High Def Terrestial broadcast :thumbsdow ).

    From the looks of it your setup is spot on. It is worth having the RGB output of the STB going to the E55 rather than direct to the TV because then you can record in RGB quality and the core benefit of the E55 is that, if you leave it on, you can quickly record if you get called away and can 'Timeslip' when you return.

    If your worried about further splitting the RF signal then simply don't loop it through the E55 and goto the VCR instead. The RF picture quality is significantly worse than the RGB picture from your set-top and probably doesn't benefit that much from the improved quality of a DVDR over a VCR. Hence use your VCR for analogue terrestial recordings and your DVDR for set-top recordings.

    To get the best advice on this I would post in the relevant forums:
    All In One Systems Forum
    Receivers/Seperates Forum
    I would always recommend going for seperates as opposed to an all in one system though - it can be a little more complex but for a comparible price you can get significantly better results.
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    Excellent idea! I like the concept - thanks :)

    I'll start lurking the other forums you suggested as well...

    Thanks for the input and advice!


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